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The Brokers Network has launched Protect Your Goose. This is the most significant and comprehensive term life marketing development in decades.

With your help, we can change the term insurance industry. Your personal Protect Your Goose website will clearly show that family income is the most valuable asset. It will calculate the exact coverage needed to protect 100% of that income. Clients see plans from 8 carriers including two that guarantee annual income benefits for each year of future income. Your clients can receive decades of guaranteed benefits to protect decades of income. As an advisor, satisfied clients with proper coverage, means more income and more referrals! Join us today and let’s take the guesswork out of insurance.

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Marketing Tools

Protect Your Goose has provided you with all the tools you need to launch a successful campaign.

1) Custom PYG Website

2) Email Video Templates

3) Custom Video Promotion

4) Promotional Products

5) Logos

6) Style Guide

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Protect Your Goose Difference

Protect Your Goose understands that your clients income is their most valuable asset and that asset represents all their families hopes and dreams.

The truth is that one single death benefit check can not replace decades of income but decades of benefit checks can.

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Protect Your Goose

We Take The Guesswork Out Of Insurance

In two minutes your website will show clients the term life insurance needed to replace 100% of income.

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The Presentation

On your website clients will discover 6 data points they never considered. CLICK ON THE GOOSE TO SEE.

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70 Million+ Americans admit they need more life insurance.

70% of Americans will research life insurance online but most say they want some professional help.

40% of households with incomes over $100,000 admit they would have financial difficulty within 6 months of the death of a wage earner.

25% will attempt to purchase online with very little success.

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84% of Americans say they need more life insurance because most term life sales are based on little more than a guess.

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Turbo Charge Your Sales!


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Email Video Templates

Use these pre-made email templates to send to Clients.

1. Welcome Video Email.

2. Nobody likes to talk about death.

3. How much life insurance do you need?

4. Why are most life insurance policies sold based upon a guess?

5. How can we insure we provide for our loved ones for decades?

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Welcome Video

Email Video Template 1 (copy paste email)

Protect Your Goose

We Take The Guesswork Out Of Insurance

How Much Life Insurance Do You Need?

Client Name,

We appreciate the fact you've worked hard to support your family and we believe you deserve more than a guess. That's why Protect Your Goose has made purchasing life insurance easier by taking the guesswork out of insurance.

The fact is that most people and other life insurance agents just GUESS when it comes to your life insurance needs. At Protect Your Goose, we actually take the guesswork out of insurance.

We created a simple 5-minute online program to help you determine how much coverage you should consider. First, we calculate an estimate of your family annual after-tax spendable income. This is the income that shows up in your bank account each month that you need to maintain your standard of living. Next, we determine the annual income loss resulting from the death of any family wage earner. Then we calculate an annual benefit that will restore spendable family income up to 100% of the level before any loss.

Your client will click on the Goose to visit your custom website.

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Custom Video Branding Available!

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Promotional Products

Protect Your Goose offers you a full-line of custom promotional products that will allow you to market yourself and the Protect Your Goose Brand.

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Download these Protect Your Goose logos to help market and promote this amazing new life insurance tool.

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